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DON'T LET THE COLD Caught you off guard

We thought we were going to eat the grapes in Bermuda. But no girls the cold is just around the corner. What's more, we can no longer leave our house without a jacket.
When we saw these jerseys we fell in love with them, their design, their colors. We are "In love" with these jerseys . That's why we didn't even think about adding them to our collection, so that all of you could have them.

Madrid jersey

It is a knitted garment with a high neck in pink. As you can see, it has a beige and gray zig zag detail in relief on the front area and on the sleeves.

The fabric is super soft and pleasant to the touch.

Don't tell me it's not charming.

Alice Sweater

We die of love with this sweater.

Its v-neckline and the details of the balls on the front make it so special.

Rome jumper

Its star print, its super nice fabric and its colors are great to give a fun touch to that winter look. Don't run out of it.

Paris jumper

Long sweater, with heart print and colors in earth tones. Like all the previous ones, it has a super tasty touch and is very warm for cold days. Plus you'll get some super chic looks.

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