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Vanessa and Rocio

Sisters + friends + partners. A formula that has allowed us to grow and reach wherever we are headed with something that is basic for us, loving ourselves above all else.

We are from Consuegra, a small town in Toledo, we I love fashion and since we were little we dreamed with having our own women's clothing store. In 2019 we decided to jump into the pool and fulfill our dream, we created our online store and today we can say that with a lot of effort we have turned our hobby into a profession.

We had our main objectives and we are very clear about them, above all we want the shopping experience for our girls to be exceptional because for us our clients are the most important thing, we want you to enjoy quality at affordable prices, we want to fill your closets with the latest trends with our casual collection.

Another of our objectives is that women are the perfect guests without the need to invest a fortune and that with Alalá can be achieved

In Alalá you will be able to find clothes for self-confident women, with a personal style who know what they like.


We hope to continue growing together with all of you.