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VACACIONES, MALETAS... - Alalá Moda Mujer


The holidays arrive, that date so awaited by all. Some of you go for a walk along the beach in Benidorm and upload photos to Instagram to envy those of us who stay here, in the town, in front of a computer and from time to time taking a dip in the jerky that my sister has put In the yard of your house . But well, ladies, it's okay, someone will have to work and raise the country.

Someday we too will go on vacation and we already dream about what we will put in the suitcase.

It is not an easy task to pack ee bags, and unpack them even worse. That is why we think that carrying the essentials is the best. We will leave the hair straighteners at home and we will go with frizzy hair every vacation. What's going on?? if no one knows us.

Of course, what we will not lack will be many cool and comfortabledresses that serve us both to go to the beach and to move our mountain body in the discos of Benidorm. Why yes, we will go to Benidorm because we already know it from seeing it so much in your Instagram photos.

The Valeria dress will be one of our choices. Dinners next to the beach, walks by the sea. Ooooh how cheesy that sounds.

The Luciana dress , we cannot miss it. Surely almost every night we will have dinner at McDonald's but I say that one night it will give us time to go to something finer. Well, we already wear that ideal dress.

If we want to go out to have a skewer both in the morning and at night, we will wear the Fara dress

We can't leave the Lea dress at home. It is ideal for the nights that lengthen and begin to refresh.

Ya¡¡, I'm done that in the end the suitcase doesn't close for us.

And what dress would you take on your vacation?

We suggest you upload a photo of your suitcase to Instagram and tag us @alalamodamujer.

Happy Holidays girls.

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