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EQUIPO ALALÁ - Alalá Moda Mujer


Second post on our blog... No, if in the end we become bloggers. Hello girls!

With this post we put a face to the Alalá team. And here we come the Flores sisters to show you our mask. So that you get to know us and that... Because behind , that little window where we offer you so many cool clothes, behind Instagram, Facebook, etc... I say etc... because we are also behind WhatsApp, mobile .. come on, you have located us. Well, behind all that there is a team and we are here today so that you can get to know us.

One, two, three, we begin.

Rocio, younger sister of Las Flores, official model of Alalá, in charge of social networks and giving the touch of good sense to this project.

Vanessa, older sister, in charge of the web and orders. Impatient, crazy and delighted with life.

And this is us who like Juan Palomo... "I cooked it for myself, I eat it" well, we are there cooking and eating and all that to satisfy all of you. And if you want to receive in your email more things about us, news of clothes and many other things, leave your email in the following link. I WANT TO RECEIVE YOUR EMAILS

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